About Hunterhill Safaris

Huntershill Safaris is located on the malaria free Wildschutsberg Game Farm in the picturesque foothills of the Stormberg mountains near Queenstown in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province.  The Game Farm is 55 000 acres (22 000 hectares) in extent and is some 25 km long and 15k wide (15 x 9 miles.)

The diverse terrain is home to over 70 different animal species, including many rarely seen species of buck from all over the world. We have rhino, cheetah, buffalo, hippo, brown and spotted hyena, wild dogs, leopard, tigers and lions for viewing, including magnificent white lions and white tigers.

This premier Safari destination offers trophy hunting, bow hunting, fishing (carp and barbel) and wing shooting. Buck available for hunting include sable, kudu, gemsbok, blue and black wildebeest, eland, waterbuck, nyala, blesbok, impala, steenbok, duiker, bushbuck, springbok, hartebeest, buffalo, arabian oryx, axis dee, hog deer, pere david deer, nubian ibex, and reedbuck. Also available are other mammals such as baboon and warthog.

Huntershill Safaris offers a variety of different hunting packages. We take each individual’s specific requirements into account and can also design tailor-made packages with your requirements in mind.  We can also arrange your other activities during your stay in South Africa, including game fishing, tours to Cape Town, the Garden Route, the Wine Route, Addo Elephant Park, golf or a Township Tour. We have many other activities - please ask.

At Huntershill Safaris we specialize in making your hunting Safari an experience of a lifetime. Our Safaris are led by experienced professional hunters and trackers who conduct both rifle and bow hunting safaris, and are committed to animal conservation, fair chase hunting and giving our guests a thrilling experience to make your hunt a memorable one.

Our wide-ranging hunting properties offer a large selection of plains game and other animals. We guarantee to provide you excellent opportunities to shoot top quality trophies. All trophies hunted at Huntershill Safaris are of a high standard.

Due to the cold and snow in winter we have no ticks and other disease bearing insects, so our game is healthy and a wide variety of species and excellent specimens can be hunted.  The large area means that game does not become habituated to humans, which makes your hunt more challenging and satisfying.

Huntershill is owner managed and run.  This hands-on approach means that we will always ensure that every stay is enjoyable and that high standards are maintained.

The Wildschutsberg Game Farm is run on highly ethical grounds and has a total commitment to conservation and sustainability.  We have ongoing breeding programmes and are proud to have grown the numbers and quality of all our species since the farm was first established in 2000.  We have expanded the size of the farm and have reclaimed large areas which have previously been barren or overgrazed by domestic animals.  We now have herds of buck that are extinct in their native habitats.

Huntershill Safaris was designed as a home away from home. You can feel the peace and tranquillity the moment you arrive. Lots may have changed since Hemingway’s impressive big game hunting colonial Africa of the 1930’s but the thrill still remains in the modern safari experience, and we at Huntershill Safaris strive to give our clients the hunting experience of a lifetime.  The fact that 97% of our international hunters return, sometimes with their families, is a testament to the wonderful experience to be enjoyed at Huntershill.

More about Huntershill

The Eastern Cape is the only one of South Africa’s nine provinces to have all seven of the country’s ecological zones within its boundaries. Scenic diversity is one of the most striking characteristics of the region.

The farm extends from the foothills of one mountain range, across a wide open plain to another range of mountains and then beyond.  The vegetation ranges from open savannah to bushveld.  Several natural springs run all year round.  Some areas of the farm have been used to grow lucerne and other fodder so that the game can be fed during the dry winter months.

The original farm was owned by a British nobleman in the early 1800’s and then renamed Wildschutsberg by a later Dutch owner.  The name Wildschutsberg means Hunter’s Hill and so the name has been retained.  The current farm has been extended through purchase of nearby farms.  Huntershill is now one of the largest game farms in the Eastern Cape.

The land around the farm was originally owned by British settlers in the early 1800s and was also owned by Dutch farmers at one time. The 7 000 foot Wildshutsberg mountain which overlooks the farm was named by the Dutch settlers.

Huntershill was established by Greg Harvey in 2000 with just 2 500 hectares.  Now it is 55 000 acres.  Greg has grown the operation and now entertains hunters from all over the world, including the USA, UK, Spain, Denmark, France, Canada, China, Argentina, Russia and Italy. The hunting at Huntershill is superb but, when necessary, we will take our guests to other game farms.

At Huntershill the emphasis is on constant improvement and development.  All the dams have been fully renovated, fencing improved and firebreaks constantly monitored. Although our concentration is on wildlife, we have recently started a mini zoo,.  For those committed to fitness we have a gymnasium with over 70 pieces of equipment.  Future plans include a tented camp in the mountains, new koi ponds, introduction of more species.  We also have a plan to build trout ponds. A clay pigeon range is planned for the near future.